Leuchars Ivory Chessmen

Lot #637. Leuchars Ivory Staunton Chessmen

Leuchars Ivory Staunton Chessmen

This lot is a set of antique Leuchars Ivory Staunton Chessmen, natural and red-stained. This set of chessmen has a 3-3/4″ tall by 1-9/16″ diameter base King. The chessmen are in pristine condition, with no repairs or replacements and the chessmen have not been re-stained. The chessmen are housed in a period replacement box (not shown). These chessmen appear to have been made by William Leuchars of 38 & 39, Piccadilly, London,soon after the introduction of the Staunton Chessmen in 1849.

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Leuchars was established at 47 Piccadilly, London in 1794 by James Leuchars. In 1820, the business moved to 38 Piccadilly shortly before James Leuchars died in 1822. Lucy Leuchars, James’ widow, continued the business under the name of L. Leuchars. In 1837, the same year as Queen Victoria

came to the throne, the firm was awarded the Royal Warrant for their supply to the royal family. Expanding to 39 Piccadilly in 1841, the name had now changed to Lucy Leuchars & Son; the ‘Son’ referring to William Leuchars. After Lucy’s death in 1847, William gained sole responsibility for the business. Leuchars exhibited  at the Great Exhibition of 1851, the International Exhibition of 1862  the 1867 Paris Exposition. They sold high quality

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Leuchars Compendium, items including ivory Staunton chess sets by Jaques of London and Carton Pierre caskets and chess boards as well as Compendium of Games Cabinets and Dressing Cases.

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